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Welcome to the home of Triple G Group!

Whether you are looking for that custom built smoker that will turn heads and make all your buddies jealous or looking for a catered meal fit for kings that will have everyone begging for more… You have come to the right place!

Here at Triple G we know BBQ from start to finish!

Not only will you have the best-looking rig or the finest catered event anyone has ever had. You also will be taking part in our relief efforts in helping thousands of fellow Americans get thru the hard times of natural disaster because a portion of every sale or event goes to help fund our TRIPLE G RELIEF non-profit organization!

Please visit all our pages to find out more info on our custom built smokers and trailers, catering services, relief efforts, photos and everything else that Triple G Group has to offer!

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Since 2013, Triple G Group has been providing food to those in need through our Non-Profit Disaster Relief Organization, Triple G Relief.

Thanks to our generous corporate and individual donors and all those who have helped volunteer, we have been able to serve over 130,000 plates of food across 10 deployments since 2013.

We invite everyone to please check out Triple G Relief to learn more about who we are, what we have accomplished, and how you can help us grow and serve those in need! Thanks to everyone that has helped make Triple G Relief what it has become today!

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From backyard barbecues to large scale events, weddings, and corporate parties, we have the rigs and the experience to make your event a success with some of the best food around. Triple G Catering specializes in on-site catering that is prepared and cooked on location at your event to ensure that you always receive the freshest food possible. Our mobile catering trailers are loaded with smokers, ranges, ovens, griddles and grills which allow us the ability to make sure that we can always cater to your requests and handle all types of events.

Please visit our catering site to book your next event, check out reviews, see some amazing photos, and learn more about all the services we have to offer. It’s time to loosen up that belt buckle, sit back, relax, and let Triple G Catering handle the rest!

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BBQ is what we know and what we love. And it all starts with a quality built pit. Triple G Smokers specializes in custom built smokers and some of the most bad ass trailer rigs you have ever seen. From the simple backyard pits to the most extravagant tailgating trailers, we can help you design your dream rig just the way you want it as we build everything from the ground up. Not only do we specialize in smokers and custom-built trailers, but with our CNC table, the possibilities are endless to create and customize just about anything.

So come on in and check out our pits, rigs, grills and everything else we have to offer! Don’t forget now, drop us a message and let us know what Triple G Smokers can build for you!

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